At Gallery X, Public Hanging Exhibition

I've been terrible about posting where my art has been exhibiting of late, and I'm aiming to improve that. With that said, I've entered into my third consecutive exhibition at Gallery X for their yearly Public Hanging exhibition.

Compared to my usual entries, the two I've submitted are relatively small, but still ones that I feel particularly proud of. But a more notable difference for this year's submission to the Public Hanging is that, for the first time, I've submitted a piece for another artist - my young daughter. (Sadly, a picture of said piece isn't posted here, as the few photos I took of it beforehand are of terrible quality).

I'm not making any claims to her expertise in art, or that she's a prodigy; it's just that the piece that I submitted struck me as beautiful, personally, and I wanted to have it shown. So, among the many art pieces in the exhibition is a single piece created by one of my beautiful brats. 

Running August 1 to August 26, Gallery X is located at 169 William St, New Bedford, MA