Stream-of-Consciousness Collages

The last few weeks have been great when it comes to actually creating art. I've had that burst of creative energy that has me constantly on the lookout for opportunities to make something. With that energy comes far too many ideas that I can actually produce when I'm doing analog art. 

I had an idea to combine these short little stream-of-consciousness non-sequiturs with these ad-hoc collages. I was really into the idea, so I decided that I'd make some digital collages and I've immediately fallen in love with doing it.

I've put my art up in the Warwick Public Library the last two years, and I've signed up to do so again in 2018. What I'd really like to do is make a whole series of these, enough that it could potentially occupy the whole wall. It's a really big wall, though, so perhaps I should just enjoy the process of making these instead of worrying where they might be seen.