The Making of Founder

When time came to finally assemble Founder, I was exhausted. Robert was by all accounts tired, but if there were some way to measure how tired one was, I'd bet good money that I'd win hands down. 

This exhaustion led to all manner of frustrations during the process, compounded with my complete lack of organization when it came to the tools required to get the piece together. Robert was graceful given all my babbling and rushing around, a kindness that not many other people afford me when I get like I do when I haven't slept.

We had a plan, and as with all plans it immediately started falling apart. However, this was a happy occurence; in the process of having to find another way to assemble a piece that still spoke to our original ideas, we stumbled across a presentation that far exceeded our original ideas.

I thought it would be interesting to share some pictures from the whole effort, if only to give a glimpse into how it came together.