At Gallery X, Something Fishy Exhibition by Jason Paschal

Once again I'm happy to be a part of a Gallery X exhibition, "Something Fishy". Themed around the oceanic and aquatic lifeforms, I decided to make a beachside landscape with a variety of colored samplings from magazines and sand from the local beach. 

While the process of making this exposed me to natural light and pretty much instantaneously gave me a sunburn, I'm looking forward to making more landscapes, abstract or otherwise. Always open to suggestions for landscapes that I should explore real or otherwise!


Running May 30 to July 1, Gallery X is located at 169 William St, New Bedford, MA.

At Gallery X, Urban Decay Exhibition by Jason Paschal

I'm happy to be showing at Gallery X again, this time at their Urban Decay exhibition. I was lucky enough to attend the opening exhibition and see everyone's wildly different interpretations of urban decay. For my own submissions I was happy to submit my own "cityscape" series that I had been working on, Imaginary Places #1 and #2, seen below.

Running April 4 to April 29, Gallery X is located at 169 William St, New Bedford, MA.

At the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, In the Groove Exhibition by Jason Paschal

Brooklyn. I'm beyond excited to be a part of the In the Groove series at the upcoming exhibition over at the BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition) with my conceptual album cover for the song Those Who Can't, Cheat by the artist Clarence Clarity. 

By no means is it an official album cover, simply one that formed to the tune of one song that I really love, but that notwithstanding, album covers (and music) has always provided a major inspiration for my work, many of which are named for lyrics in songs or at least allude to music in some fashion.

The cover is an amalgam of my Stream-of-Consciousness series, which I feel is all too appropriate. Then again, my interpretation of the music may differ from yours. I highly suggest you check out the song/music video/artist and of course the exhibition.

Below are my 3 submissions, all of which I enjoyed making, personally, with the first of the three being the art to be featured at the BWAC.

Running May 12th to October 28th the In the Groove exhibition will be located at the BWAC exhibition space, located at 481 Van Brunt, Door 7, Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 11231, in the pre-Civil War warehouse overlooking the Statue of Liberty.

At the Unnatural Symmetry Exhibition with the Rochester Collage Society by Jason Paschal

Two of my Stream-of-Consciousness collages are being featured by the Rochester Collage Society in Rochester, NY as a part of their Unnatural Symmetry exhibition. I've been delving heavily into collage of late and I'm proud to be a part of a collage-specific exhibition.

This will be the first exhibition I'll likely to be unable to physically attend, which is both a bad thing and a good thing. One one side, obviously, I won't be able to meet other collage artists and see my work on display, but on the good it means that my art is making it further and further away from me.

Running February 22nd to February 24th, the Unnatural Symmetry exhibition is located at 50-52 Public Market Way, Rochester, NY.

Stream-of-Consciousness Collages by Jason Paschal

The last few weeks have been great when it comes to actually creating art. I've had that burst of creative energy that has me constantly on the lookout for opportunities to make something. With that energy comes far too many ideas that I can actually produce when I'm doing analog art. 

I had an idea to combine these short little stream-of-consciousness non-sequiturs with these ad-hoc collages. I was really into the idea, so I decided that I'd make some digital collages and I've immediately fallen in love with doing it.

I've put my art up in the Warwick Public Library the last two years, and I've signed up to do so again in 2018. What I'd really like to do is make a whole series of these, enough that it could potentially occupy the whole wall. It's a really big wall, though, so perhaps I should just enjoy the process of making these instead of worrying where they might be seen.

The Making of Founder by Jason Paschal

When time came to finally assemble Founder, I was exhausted. Robert was by all accounts tired, but if there were some way to measure how tired one was, I'd bet good money that I'd win hands down. 

This exhaustion led to all manner of frustrations during the process, compounded with my complete lack of organization when it came to the tools required to get the piece together. Robert was graceful given all my babbling and rushing around, a kindness that not many other people afford me when I get like I do when I haven't slept.

We had a plan, and as with all plans it immediately started falling apart. However, this was a happy occurence; in the process of having to find another way to assemble a piece that still spoke to our original ideas, we stumbled across a presentation that far exceeded our original ideas.

I thought it would be interesting to share some pictures from the whole effort, if only to give a glimpse into how it came together.

At the Nave Gallery, W2W2 Exhibition by Jason Paschal


I'm happy to have had the collaborative work "Founder (Badly Kept Secrets)" accepted into the W2W2 (Wall to Wall II: Working Together) exhibition at the Nave Gallery, and to have our work sit alongside so many other great artists, both local and across the world. The assemblage piece was my first official collaboration with the artist Robert Welch.

Running from September 30th to October 29th, the Nave Gallery is located at 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, MA. Images of the opening reception and images for the W2W2 catalog have been posted on their Facebook page courtesy of Karl Stephan.