Occupy White Walls, Continued

So, it’s been some time since I started playing Occupy White Walls but I still find myself involved pretty deeply both in the game and in the community. Since my last post I’ve added a myriad of new works into the game and even went so far as to make a video of my own gallery as something of a preview of the game itself. I’ve gotten feedback on a lot of my art in-game, some positive, some negative, some just plain funny.

What I didn’t really anticipate, however, is seeing my art pop up on places like the PC gaming site Rock Paper Shotgun or on Twitch streams. While it’s not the kind of exposure I was expecting, it’s welcome nonetheless. That said, my opinion remains - with, or without my art - that Occupy White Walls is worth exploring for anyone looking to create and curate their own gallery.

A Twitch streamer whose name I currently forget, but will assuredly include when I can find it again.

A Twitch streamer whose name I currently forget, but will assuredly include when I can find it again.

How my “Artist Page” looks in-game.

How my “Artist Page” looks in-game.

In Occupy White Walls, Online

Occupy White Walls is an online, multiplayer sandbox game where you design and curate your own virtual gallery. The game has a wide variety of classical art from all periods, but it also has art from contemporary artists including some of the players of the game itself. I’ve been so lucky as to have become one of said users, having my art added to the game for other players to potentially add to their own virtual galleries.

Best part is that the game is free, and has no in-game purchases; from my understanding, there won’t be any in the future, either. So, check it out, and most importantly, put my art up in your gallery.

Occupy White Walls website


At Warwick Center for the Arts, Brave New World Exhibition

Per WCFA’s site:

This exhibit showcases 21 artists working in the brave new world of digital art! Artists explore a variety of themes and subject matter all through mediums such as photography, digital painting, digital illustration, digital collage, and much more! 

Running November 14th to December 20th, Warwick Center for the Arts is located at 3259 Post Rd, Warwick, RI.

At Gallery X, Nocturne Exhibition

At this point I’m almost tempted to forgo the “At Gallery X”, though with several sumbissions to upcoming calls, perhaps things will be shaken up a bit.

For this particular exhibition I have two pieces on display. One is the first of my new series of Stream-of-Consciousness collages (analog instead of digital this time), the second is a somewhat personal piece, 48 Years, 48 Hours.

Running September 30th to October 31st, Gallery X is located at 169 William St, New Bedford, MA

At Gallery X, Public Hanging Exhibition

I've been terrible about posting where my art has been exhibiting of late, and I'm aiming to improve that. With that said, I've entered into my third consecutive exhibition at Gallery X for their yearly Public Hanging exhibition.

Compared to my usual entries, the two I've submitted are relatively small, but still ones that I feel particularly proud of. But a more notable difference for this year's submission to the Public Hanging is that, for the first time, I've submitted a piece for another artist - my young daughter. (Sadly, a picture of said piece isn't posted here, as the few photos I took of it beforehand are of terrible quality).

I'm not making any claims to her expertise in art, or that she's a prodigy; it's just that the piece that I submitted struck me as beautiful, personally, and I wanted to have it shown. So, among the many art pieces in the exhibition is a single piece created by one of my beautiful brats. 

Running August 1 to August 26, Gallery X is located at 169 William St, New Bedford, MA

At Gallery X, Relatively Abstract Exhibition

Gallery X is becoming a second home for my art, and I'm proud to display some of my abstract works during their Relatively Abstract exhibition. I've chosen to submit some of my older works, one of which I began prior to going to school for art. If you have an opportunity to visit, I'd love to see what you think of my pieces and other submissions there.

Running July 1 to July 29, Gallery X is located at 169 William St, New Bedford, MA

Stream-of-Conciousness and more, Warwick Public Library

For the third year in a row, I'm happy to have my work hanging at the Warwick Public Library, this year featuring my Stream-of-Conciousness series as well as a variety of abstracts I've worked on in the past. Additionally, the centerpiece is the collaborative work with Robert Welch, Founder (Badly Kept Secrets). 

This exhibition of my work runs for the entire month of July 2018 at Warwick Public Library, located at 600 Sandy Ln, Warwick, RI.