Stream of Conciousness

Stream-of-Consciousness Series

Part poetry, part collage, this series is my first serious foray into digital collage. I usually liked limiting myself to finite resources within magazines, newspapers, comics and other media that had the potential to be destroyed in the process, be it by mistakes or deliberate actions, but I found I was able to limit myself despite digital images' infinitely reproducible nature. Both the assembly of the collages and the phrases that accompany them were born, as the series name suggests, in a stream-of-consciousness, ad hoc nature. A reverse Rorschach test.




WRITE RIGHT NOW is probably the first set of works that I would consider a series, wherein I created 80 works in a variety of media. Inspired by a wide variety of artists including the late Roy Yoshida, I wanted to dissect comic books for the sake of their absurdity, both in regard to their views on heroism, the human form and social norms as well as the outright surreal (and hilarious) nature that they exhibited in both their stories and accompanying advertising.