What's the Deal

My name is Jason Paschal. I'm a designer, illustrator and visual artist among many other things. I'd love for you to see my work, and follow in the process of their creation and how they're presented to the world at large.


Graphic Design & Illustration

From logo design, branding, illustrative work to character conceptualization, I'm comfortable with presenting your products and ideas in a way that suits their personality best.

Exhibited Art

I'm proud to get my art out in the world, doubly so when my art is accepted into galleries and art shows. These are a selection of works that have been shown at various galleries throughout the Northeast with my audience growing more regularly.

Studio Art

I'm an active artist and create as often as I breahte. Some art I create simply for the sake of creating - others still for comissions, upcoming calls for art, gifts, public works or simply just because.

Art Series

Creating series of works for exhibitions or simply for the enjoyment of the challenge of staying within a strict theme is another way I create. Here is a small selection of series I've created.


I love to share my processes in creating, my announcements for new exhibitions, and just general thoughts during my art-making. Delve into some of said thoughts, if you're feeling particularly voyueristic.